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Medical Evacuation from Mexico

Medical Jets | Jet Rescue Air

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is the leading provider of air ambulance service in Mexico. With 2 bases in Mexico, we can provide air ambulance service anywhere within the country or internationally. With more than 8 air ambulance jets physically in Mexico, our time to patient bedside is drastically decreased while maintaining very competitive rates. Our air ambulances in Mexico are equipped with the latest technology and staffed with a Critical Care Doctor and a Certified Flight Paramedic.No other air ambulance company in the region has our capabilities.


How It Works

Jet Rescue  Air Ambulance coordinates all aspects of the transport. Our flight coordination department will work with the patient's insurance company, sending and receiving facility, and physician to ensure a seamless domestic (within Mexico) or International bed-to-bed air ambulance transport. Our aircraft are located in Guadalajara and Mexico City. This allows us to respond immediately nationwide.


If you have a Medical Emergency  in Mexico call our Mexico Toll free number  01-800 681 1504

Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air
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