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Air Ambulance Cost and Payment

Many factors determine the final cost of an air ambulance flight. The main factors include:

  • Distance flown

  • Type of aircraft utilized (Piston Twin, Turbo-prop, Jet)

  • Patient Acuity (Basic Life Support. Advanced Life Support & Critical Care)

  • Current cost of fuel


Jet Rescue is a direct provider of Air Ambulance Services. We own and  operate a fleet of modern Critical Care Equipped Jets. Being an owner and operator can minimize these cost. Efficient scheduling and special one-way pricing arrangements allows the majority of our clients to see a significant reduction of cost when compared to other air ambulance providers.


1) The client will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of 50% of the total mission fee should the client cancels a confirmed, scheduled flight 24-hours before departure. 

2) The client will be charged the entire mission fee (100%) in the event that aircraft has departed from its location and is en-route to the pickup location. 

3) The client will be charged the entire mission fee (100%) in the event our medical crew arrives at the pick up location, yet our flight physician determined that the patient is not fit to fly for medical reasons. 

Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air
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