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Medical flights | Jet Rescue Air


International Air Ambulance & Worldwide Medical Transport

Jet Rescue’s international air ambulance service is capable of, transporting a patient to and from anywhere in the world. We provide emergency air medical evacuation service often called Medevac. Our Air Medical Case Mangers are extremely experienced in handling all the necessary arrangements of international air ambulance flights, from working with foreign consulates and customs, arranging ground transportation to and from facilities, and in some instances assisting with bed placement. With thousands of medical flights completed, we have built strong professional relationships with the private sector,foreign governments,NGO´s, insurance providers and international assistance companies  going where others don’t and often flying to the most challenging or remote areas.Our  medical aircraft are equipped with the latest avionics allowing us to fly worldwide.Our medical Jets fly air ambulance missions every day to Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Canada and Worldwide.


Wing to Wing Air Ambulance Cooperation

The Concept of a wing to wing transport involves at least 2 air ambulance providers that cooperate together to perform a very long flight that exceeds pilot's duty time. Both jets meet in a  pre-defined location. The patient is transferred from one aircraft to the other to continue its journey.

Air medical transport | Jet Rescue Air
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