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Passenger Info

Passenger Information on board our Air Ambulances

The patient and family anxiety associated with any medical transport may be lessened when a close companion is on the flight. Jet Rescue Air Ambulance will usually allow at least one companion to travel with the patient. There are few times that companion seating will not be available due to the patients condition or the need for additional crew on the aircraft. What you need to know:


1.- There is no additional charge for companions flying with the patient except on flight to Europe/Asia.

2.- Passengers on flights within the United States must provide Jet Rescue International Dispatch with their full        name and relation to the patient prior to departing.

3.- On international flights Passengers must provide Jet Rescue air Ambulance dispatch with the following information prior to departure:

  • Full Name

  • Relationship to Patient

  • Nationality

  • Passport Number and Expiration date

  • Visa information if applicable.

  • Visa Waiver ESTA, Jet Rescue is a Signatory Air Carrier allowing us to transport passengers under the visa waiver program.

  • Date of Birth

  • Weight


4.- Space on Jet Rescue International air ambulance is very limited due to the large amount of medical equipment on board.

5.- The Jet Rescue Air Ambulance luggage policy and limitations will be strictly enforced.Backpacks or large attaché cases may not be allowed in addition to luggage.

Jet Rescue's personnel will be glad to assist passengers in arranging the shipment of excess baggage. However, all cost associated with excess baggage shipment is the responsibility of the patient or client.

Luggage /Baggage Policy Our mission is to deliver the best value in air medical transportation, without compromising patient care. In order to achieve this mission most of the space normally available for luggage is now occupied with life support equipment and supplies. It has been our experience that luggage can interfere with patient care.



One piece of luggage per person of the size indicated in this diagram will be allowed on Jet Rescue International Aircraft. If you have more than one piece of luggage per person please arrange to have it shipped via standard commercial airline or freight carrier.

We apologize if this is an inconvenience however please remember our primary concern is for the patient. In order to avoid a delay in the patient transport, all arrangements for shipping of additional luggage must be made prior to the time of loading of our aircraft for departure.

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