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Dual Stretcher

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Dual Stretcher Air Ambulance

Simultaneous Two Patient Transport

The transportation of two patients on a double stretcher can be cheaper than two stretchers on a scheduled aircraft and it is definitively faster and more convenient. The medical crew is composed of 1 physician and 1 flight nurse/paramedic. Jet Rescue has several Lear jets with dual stretcher capabilities, allowing us to transport two stretcher patients at the same time.


This specialty service has been proven to be a very valuable assistance when evacuating multiple patients from Mass Casualty Incidents. Other practical applications include serving travel insurance and Assistance Company’s when relocating snow bird patients home to Canada as a way to cost share.

If you do not personally have two patients in need of being relocated, it is still possible for you to take advantage of this service. You may team up with a co-worker or another facility that has someone in need of being transported allowing everyone involved to benefit from sharing the transportations costs.

Here are a couple of situations where this type of transport may beneficial to you:

  • You have two family members that need to travel at the same time due to illness or injury.

  • Two unrelated patients traveling from the same area – going in the same geographical direction (this can help reduce the costs to families, hospitals or any payor source)

We obtain a medical report on each patient to determine the patient’s acuity and the staffing needs.

Each of our double stretcher flights are closely monitored by ourMedical Director, and our Chief Pilot, to ensure the safety and extra attention that these specialty transports require.

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