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Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air

Fleet: LEAR 60

Fly Farther,Safer and Fastest.

Jet Rescue, an innovator and industry leader in air ambulance medical transports, flies patients in  the Learjet 60. A medium-size aircraft that foster the highest standards of safety, medical care, comfort and security. The use of Learjet 60s revolutionizes the air medical industry in North America, providing the next-generation of medical transport. 

Transporting critically ill patients at high altitudes takes experienced medical personnel with advanced medical training , state-of-the-art aviation and medical technology. Jet Rescue´s  Learjet 60 is among the first of their kind in North and South America to be dedicated to global patient transport.

High altitude flight capabilities come standard with two high-powered turbo fan engines capable of producing 4,600 pounds of thrust. By flying higher, the Learjet 60s are able to rise above most turbulence and typical atmospheric disturbances. Such things are unavoidable in less powerful, smaller aircraft. Flight at a higher altitude means a more comfortable and safer ride for patients, family and medical personnel.

The advantages of using the Lear 60 in air ambulance service are numerous: 

  •     State-of-the-art avionics provide a safer, more reliable flight for patients and their loved ones

  •     Featuring nearly twice the cabin space as the Lear 35 (the most commonly used aircraft in the air medical industry), the Lear 60 redefines comfort in air medical transport

  •     Extended range of more than 2,500  nautical miles makes cross-country and trans-continental flights a comfortable reality

  •     Flight capabilities of up to 50,000 feet

  •     Speed of transport with the ability to reach 536 miles per hour


Flying patients faster, farther and safer raises the bar on patient care and transportation. 

The LEAR 60

Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air

The Learjet60 offers superior cabin space combined with extended range. This high-performance jet can transport patients up to 2,500 nautical miles. The Lear 60 is capable of speeds of up to 550 miles per hour can reach an altitude of 51,000 feet.


Max Cruise Speed: 530 mph

Max. Range: 2,500 nm

Max. Altitude: 51,000 ft

Crew: (2) ATP-Rated Pilots


Cabin Height: 5.8'

Cabin Width: 5.9'

Cabin Length: 17.7'

Cargo: 24 cu.ft. external)


     Up to 2 Patients

  • 2x medical stretcher

  • 2 person seat

  • 3x side-facing forward belted seat


  • LifePort Plus FAA Approved  Stretcher

  • Oxygen - Dual 122.5 cu ft. tank

  • Inverter - 750 watt / 6.5 amp / 115 VAC output

  • Triple A/C power outlets

  • Suction

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