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Air Ambulance | Jet Rescue Air

On August 7 2020 Jet Rescue Successfully Conducted the longest Civilian Adult ECMO Flight in the world.

Jet Rescue was the first civilian air ambulance company in the world to transport an Adult patient with ECMO from Latin America to Asia Flying over 6500 Nautical miles. Similar ultra long-distance ECMO transports have only been done by the US military. Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is one of the few air ambulance carriers in the world that have the ability to transport ECMO patients globally and provide remote cannulation services in select situations.

Our Learjet air ambulances have been modernized to the latest aviation safety standards and are able to fly worldwide.

Our Medical Jets are equipped with CARDIOHELP ECMO system. This system is operated by highly trained ICU Doctors and Perfusionists and are experts  in ECMO patient management.  


Our ECMO Medical Jets are ready to transport adult and pediatric patients that requiere ECMO therapy including patients that undergo Bridge treatment because of a Lung Transplant.

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