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Our People: Caring professionals

The success and efficiency of Jet Rescue Air Ambulance depend on its most important asset,its people.

Our outstanding service is delivered by professionals who are able to rise to the unique challenges of air medical transportation worldwide.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the recruitment of a world-class staff.

Each professional participates in continuing education programs as well as ongoing evaluation by our Medical Director,Chief Pilot and Senior Executives.

Each Individual that works at Jet Rescue Air Ambulance shares a quality that bonds us together with our clients and gives us the highly energized spirit that is part of the way we work. That quality is care. We care about our clients,We care about saving lives.We care about those in need.It is this essential quality that drives us to perform in even the most challenging circumstances.

The Jet Rescue Air Ambulance Medical Department utilizes three levels of medical staffing to provide each patient with the highest quality, most cost-efficient care possible, which far surpasses the professional levels on most other carriers.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance assigns Critical Care physicians, Critical Care Nurses, and Respiratory therapists. This is especially important in complicated medical cases and on international missions, which is why the company also taps medical professionals from many areas of adult and pediatric specialties.

The three levels of medical care available on Jet Rescue Air Ambulance transports are:

LEVEL I: A Critical Care Physician, one Critical Care Registered Nurse, and a Respiratory Therapist or a Critical Care Transport Paramedic (in some cases a Nurse Practitioner may replace the Physician, and a second Registered Nurse may replace the Respiratory Therapist on the three-person team).

LEVEL II: Two Critical Care Registered Nurses or Respiratory Therapist

LEVEL III: One Critical Care Registered Nurse and one Critical Care Transport Paramedic.

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Each Individual that works at Jet Rescue is ready, willing and able to perform in even the most challenging circumstances.

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