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Medical flights | Jet Rescue Air

Air Ambulance Medical Equipment

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance has made large investments in the latest medical technology to provide the best care in the air.A good example of our commitment to quality is that we are the only air ambulance in the continent that carries portable ultrasound.

Medical Equipment

  • Propaq MD Multi- parameter Monitor with :12 Lead ECG,Defibrillator and External Pacemaker, 3 Invasive lines monitoring ,Pulse oximetry and CO2 Capnography

  • Adult and pediatric advanced airway equipment

  • Hamilton T1 ventilator with BiPAP capability

  • Sonosite M Turbo Portable Ultrasound

  • Long distance 2000 psi oxygen tanks

  • Medsystem III  3 channel infusion pumps

  • ALS and PALS medication and supplies

  • Chest decompression kits

  • Istat Clinical Analyzer

  • 110 V Electrical inverter

  • Suction units

  • Medical Oxygen 

  • Medical Air


Aortic balloon pumps and infant isolettes are available upon special request.

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