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Europe Air Ambulance Service

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European Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance provides air ambulance services from and to Europe.We specialize in long distance transatlantic medical flights utilizing either our Falcon 50 Tri -Turbine Jet or the more economical Learjet 60.
If you need an air ambulance to fly from America to Europe or vice-versa, Jet Rescue is your number One choice.We have been conducting European Air Ambulance Services since 1994.
How It Works:
Jet Rescue  Air Ambulance will coordinate all aspects of the Medical flight to or from Europe. Our experienced flght coordinators will work with the family, patient's insurance company, sending and receiving facility, and physician to ensure a seamless bedside-to-bedside ,medical transport. We can be picking up a patient in Europe in as little as 10 hours from securing payment.

Air medical transport | Jet Rescue Air
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