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Cabo San Lucas Air Ambulance

Mexico Toll free number 01-800 681-1504

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is the leading air ambulance provider in Mexico.

Our emergency medevac service specializes in the air medical transport of tourists from Cabo San Lucas and vicinity such as San Jose del Cabo,La paz and others to Tertiary care hospitals in the United States or other International destinations worldwide.

If you need an urgent air ambulance to fly from Cabo San Lucas or other cities in western Mexico

Call Jet Rescue immediately. We have bases in Miami, Guadalajara, and Mexico City with dedicated Air Ambulance Jets to respond to Cabo San Lucas immediately.
How It Works:
Call our Mexico Toll free number 01-800 681-1504 within Mexico.

Jet Rescue  Air Ambulance will coordinate all aspects of the Air Ambulance flight from Cabo San Lucas or Vicinity. Our experienced flight coordinators will work with the family, patient's insurance company, sending and receiving Hospital, and physician to ensure a seamless bedside-to-bedside air ambulance transport. We can be picking up a patient in Cabo  in as little as 3 hours from securing payment.

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