ICU Jets

Critical Care Medflight Service

Our Critical Care Transport Team coordinates and provides Medflight transport services worldwide for your critically ill or injured patient. The team is a three-person, highly specialized medical group that operates a  portable intensive care unit (ICU) onboard our jets.These teams perform aeromedical evacuations for the sickest patients. The team consists of a physician specializing in an area such as critical care, emergency medicine, or anesthesiology along with a critical care paramedic and a critical care nurse. The team has the most modern medical equipment to provide a flying intensive care unit environment. The team is experienced in the care of critically ill or injured patients with multi-system trauma, shock, burns, respiratory failure, multiple organ failure, or other life-threatening complications. The complex, critical nature of patients in hemodynamic flux requires continual stabilization, advanced care, and may even require life-saving invasive interventions during transport  Our team operates 24 hours a day from our 2 main locations Mexico City and Miami Florida.
Our Critical Care Air Transport Program coordinates and provides transport services for your critically ill or injured patient anywhere in the world. The transport team is responsible for the resuscitation, stabilization and inter-hospital transfer of patients ranging from preterm infants to adults. Our team operates 24 hours a day from our 2 main locations Mexico City and Miami Florida.


Critical Care Transport Program Expertise


  • The Critical Care Transport Team is comprised of 1Board Certified ICU Physician,1 Registered Nurse and a Paramedic.

  • We are trained in skills such as airway management, obtaining arterial and venous access, chest tube insertion, pleural decompression among other advanced interventions. 

  • We are one of the few Fixed Wing Critical Care Transport Teams in the Americas who initiate and transport patients requiring Nitric Oxide (NO).

  • Accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI) 

  • Neonatal and Pediatric Specialized crew members along with pediatric and neonatal transport equipment.

Goals and regional leadership

The primary goal of Jet Rescue´s Critical Care Transport Program is to improve outcomes for critically ill adult, neonatal and pediatric patients who require transport to a highly specialized facility. We strive for the continuous professional advancement of our team through advanced staff education, peer review, quality improvement, and safety. We play a leadership role in improving the quality of acute adult, neonatal and pediatric care in our region through outreach education and support of community programs.

Med Jets SA de CV dba Jet Rescue Owns and Operates its Air Ambulance Fleet under Mexico AOC MTS/2015 .US Aircraft are operated by Century Aviation  Part 135 Certificate Number LDIA742M Jet Rescue is an International Air Ambulance Service and Medical Transport company not a broker.

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